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In addition to news on our activities and events, in this section you will find success stories about ACS and its most important projects.

Angelantoni Group: Sustainability Report 2022


Young people and training, reduction of emissions and implementation of policies in favor of the sustainable development objectives of the 2030 Agenda: these are the Sustainability drivers that guide the Group's activities.

Climatic chamber & thermostatic chamber

Climatic chamber & thermostatic chamber

In thermostatic tests the controlled parameter is the temperature, in climatic tests also the humidity.

Dewing test

Dewing test climatic chamber

The objective of the dewing tests is to investigate the behavior of the prototype when subjected to condensation phenomena.

ACS - selection

Practical guide to the selection of a climatic chamber

What are the main aspects to take into consideration to select the most suitable climatic chamber?

ACS - installation climatic chamber

All you need to know for a correct installation of a climatic chamber

It is good practice to check all the factors concerning the installation before proceeding with the purchase of a climatic chamber.

ACS - accessories

Accessories for Climatic Chambers

Discover the wide range of accessories for ACS climatic chambers.

ACS - Maintenance plan

For proper maintenance of your corrosion test chamber

The main points to look out for during maintenance operations of your corrosion test chamber.

R472A – The new refrigerant gas with the lowest GWP ever

R472A – The new refrigerant gas with the lowest GWP ever

Discover R472A, the refrigerant gas with the lowest GWP ever in the ultra-low temperature sector.

MyAngel24 Assistance

MYANGEL24™, the remote diagnostic and assistance service

The innovative online diagnostics and remote assistance system for managing and monitoring your ACS chamber.


ACS Thermal Vacuum Chambers for YARZ, leader in telecommunications

The two special ACS thermal vacuum chambers for YARZ, a leader in the telecommunications sector.

Solar simulation testing - Sun

Sun is the source of energy but it also has a dangerous side: discover ACS solutions for Solar Simulation Testing

How to check the resistance and behaviour of materials to prolonged exposure to solar radiation?

ACS 4 - 3D printing

ACS 4. 3D Printing

In determining the optimal choice of materials for 3D printing, it is necessary to know their characteristics through climate chamber testing.

acs chamber dy110 c for tecnottica consonni

TECNOTTICA CONSONNI uses an ACS chamber for its quality control tests of Optical Components and Coating in Aerospace applications

The DY110 C chamber allows to test the Surface Treatment, its characteristics and its behaviour during use, to verify its resistance to stress factors such as extreme variations in Temperature and Humidity.

ACS and students for sustainability

ACS Best Practice in School-Business Partnership under the banner of sustainability

Angelantoni Test Technologies hired 5 students from the IPSIA Professional Institute in Todi under first level apprenticeship contracts.

ACS chamber DY110 for the University of Duisburg-Essen

DY110 ACS chamber for a Research study on recyclable film composites

In 2023 the Institute for Product Engineering of the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany, started using our climatic chamber to test plastic samples aiming at improving their sustainability.

acs a overfly forum 2023 madrid

ACS @ Overfly Forum | 21-22 june 2023, Madrid

Overfly Forum: a unique opportunity to meet and connect with professionals and experts in the technology sector.

Flower® climatic chamber with energy savings for Mogatec

ACS guarantees the best innovative design of Mogatec GmbH gardening tools

Mogatec laboratory makes use of an ACS T&RH test chamber based on Flower® patented technology, allowing to reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental impacts.


Paris Air Show, Paris-Le Bourget, 19-25 June 2023

Angelantoni Test Technologies will attend the 54th edition of the International Aeronautics and Aerospace Exhibition - Paris Air Show at the Le Bourget Exhibition Park in Paris.

Federica Angelantoni speaks in the 'School for Entrepreneurs' programme on Company and Territory

Federica Angelantoni speaks in the 'School for Entrepreneurs' programme on Company and Territory

In continuity with the vision of founder Giuseppe Angelantoni, the Group's Head of Corporate Sustainability describes the company's experience in the specific area of its privileged relationship with the Umbrian territory.

ACS attends Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2023

Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2023, Stuttgart, 13-15 June 2023

Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2023, the world’s leading international expo for every aspect of automotive testing, development and validation technologies.


Battery Conference in Aachen, Germany 26-28 April 2023

As in previous years, the 15th Battery Conference of the cooperation partners Haus der Technik, Essen, ISEA Institute, RWTH Aachen University and MEET Battery Research Centre Münster will bring together engineers and scientists from the entire field of battery technology at the Eurogress in Aachen in 2023.

ACS automotive testing expo 2023 india chennai

Automotive Testing Expo India 2023, Chennai, 18-20 April 2023

Automotive Testing Expo is the world's leading trade fair for every aspect of automotive testing, development and validation technologies, taking place annually in Europe, America and China and in alternate years in India and South Korea.

ACS Service assistance center by Angelantoni Test Technologies

ACS Service assistance center by Angelantoni Test Technologies

Angelantoni Test Technologies strengthens its ACS Service assistance center with the acquisition of AERRE Service.

Large ACS climatic chamber for vibration test on batteries

Large ACS vibration test chamber for Applus+ Test centre in UK

The new UK laboratory is dedicated to battery testing for ECE R100 homologation and UN DOT 38.3 compliance. There are few systems in Europe that can test battery packs as huge as this one.

BUILDWISE Belgium and ACS transmittance test chamber.

BUILDWISE Belgium and ACS cutting-edge technology for the building sector

The ACS transmittance test chamber supports Buildwise’s core activity of improving quality & reliability in the sector, where another key factor to be achieved today is sustainability.

Prism satellite tested into an ACS Thermal Vacuum Chamber sends images of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

The Prisma satellite, tested in an ACS Thermal Vacuum Chamber, for the earthquake emergency in Turkey

The Italian Space Agency's Prisma satellite, tested in an ACS Thermal Vacuum Chamber, is helping rescue workers during the earthquake emergency in Turkey and Syria.

ACS Calorimeter for thermal transmittance tests to assess the performance of building envelopes

ACS and the quality of our homes: La Rochelle University studies on building envelopes

The Laboratory of Engineering Sciences for the Environment is using our calorimeter for thermal transmittance tests to assess the performance of building envelopes in a controlled environment, both for construction and renovation of buildings.

Angelantoni Test Technologies will attend Automation and Testing 2023

ACS @ A&T Automation & Testing | 22 - 24 February 2023

A&T is Italy's leading trade fair dedicated to innovation, technology, reliability and skills 4.0. The ACS team is waiting for you at stand G43.

Severe Stress Screening with DM1000 TC 20 ESS ACS chamber at CONTINENTAL Automotive France

Severe Stress Screening with DM1000 TC 20 ESS ACS chamber at CONTINENTAL Automotive France

Proud to have another big customer appreciating our efficiency, competence and technical know-how.

Mr Patrizio Quattrocchi of ACS is the new Vice President of the Umbria E-Mobility Network

ACS on the board of Umbria e-mobility Network

Alessio Damiani of Asterisco Tech and Patrizio Quattrocchi of Angelantoni Test Technologies were respectively appointed President and Vice President of Umbria e-mobility Network.

The Medium Scale Vacuum Chamber by Angelantoni Test Technologies for C.I.R.A.

ACS space simulator for testing electric space thrusters made by the C.I.R.A.

Since 2020, the ACS space simulator, called the MSVC (Medium Scale Vacuum Chamber), is part of the Italian Aerospace Research Center (C.I.R.A.) Space Propulsion Laboratory in Capua (CE).

The 2022 edition of the ACS Basic Course for Environmental Test Technician was a great success

Over 100 participants for the 2022 edition of the Basic Course for Environmental Test Technicians

Sold out attendance with over 100 participants for the 2022 edition of the Basic Course for Environmental Test Technicians, in person and webinar.

URSC awarded ACS during the Golden Jubilee Celebration

URSC awarded ACS during the Golden Jubilee Celebration

ACS received a recognition from the URSC, India's leading centre of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for satellite construction and related satellite technology development, during its Golden Jubilee celebration.

The innovative air-liquid thermal shock chamber designed and manufactured by ACS

ACS air-liquid thermal shock chamber

The unique ACS chamber for air-liquid thermal shock can also be used in the automotive sector, both on batteries and engine compartment components.

Angelantoni Test Technologies will attend AEROMART Toulouse 2022

ACS @ AEROMART Toulouse 2022 | 29, 30 Nov. - 01 Dec.

AEROMART Toulouse is the global platform for the aerospace industry that brings together companies, manufacturers and service providers. Stand A50, Hall 2 - Italian Pavilion

ACS will attend Space Tech Expo Europe 2022

ACS @ Space Tech Expo Europe | 15-17 November 2022

ACS's undisputed leadership in aerospace testing at Space Tech Expo Europe 2022, the fifth edition of the leading aerospace industry event in Europe.

 ElringKlinger AG rely on ACS chambers for battery testing

ElringKlinger AG Quality Lab rely on ACS experience and flexibility for battery test equipment

To accelerate battery development for electric vehicles, ElringKlinger AG works with equipment from ACS to simulate environmental parameters.

ACS will attend Zero Emission Mediterranean 2022

ACS @ Zero Emission Mediterranean | 12-14 October 2022, Rome

ACS will attend Zero Emission Mediterranean 2022 with the Umbria e-Mobility Network cluster, the first network of Umbrian companies operating in the sustainable mobility sector.

Il "green" gas ACS partecipa a Chillventa

ACS 'green' gas at Chillventa, 11-13 October 2022, Nuremberg

The 'green' ACS gas at Chillventa, the world's leading trade fair for refrigeration technology from 11 to 13 October 2022 in Nuremberg.

ACS will attend Big Science Business Forum 2022

ACS @ Big Science Business Forum | 4-7 October 2022

Angelantoni Test Technologies' high vacuum technology expertise at the Big Science Forum 2022 in Granada, Palacio de Congresos, from 4 to 7 October.

ACS collaborates with Data Patterns since 2007 for Environmental Stress Screening tests (ESS)

Proud to be suppliers of Data Patterns, Defence and Aerospace Electronic Solutions provider in India

ACS collaboration with Data Patterns dates back to 2007 when they first decided to use one of our chamber for Environmental Stress Screening tests.

ACS contribution to the Artemis space mission

ACS contribution to the Artemis space mission

The ArgoMoon nanosatellite on board the Space Launch System - on its way to the Moon - was made by the Italian company Argotec and tested by an ACS space simulator.

Angelantoni Test Technologies will attend Productronica India 2022. Stand PE47 - Hall 14

ACS @ Productronica India 2022 | SEPT. 21, 22, 23 2022

Productronica India is one of the leading platforms in India that focuses on innovative electronics production technology. Taking place in conjunction with Electronica India, it presents the entire value-added chain of the electronics industry.

ACS a reliable partner for Johnson Electric. Climatic and thermostatic chambers for quality testing.

ACS: a reliable partner who knows how to convince Johnson Electric about product testing

Discovery My test chambers sustainability features and Easy Integration S/W Tools among the key factors influencing Johnson Electric choice for the right partner to deliver the best quality test results and products to their customers.

Angelantoni Group celebrates 90 years in business

The Angelantoni Group celebrates 90 years of business

Giuseppe Angelantoni began business in 1932 and founded his company, which is now acknowledged globally in over 100 countries.

ACS environmental test chambers for MATE, the Laboratory for experimental and accreditation tests

ACS and a decade of collaboration with MATE, the Laboratory for experimental and accreditation tests

MATE, a company in the ART S.p.A. Group, is a test laboratory operating in the Automotive, Aerospace, Aviation & Defence, Biomedical, E-mobility, and Rail and Naval sectors. It has been using chambers supplied by Angelantoni Test Technologies for environmental and corrosion tests for over 10 years.

The sustainability of R472, the ACS refrigerant gas for ultra-low temperature applications, at MCE Mostra Convegno Expocomfort.

The ACS "green" gas R472 at MCE Mostra Convegno Expocomfort

The sustainability of R472, the ACS refrigerant gas for ultra-low temperature applications, at MCE Mostra Convegno Expocomfort, Rho Fiera Milano.

The special Battery Test bench combined with shaker and power supplies by ACS for CSI

ACS and CSI – part of IMQ Group - for a special Battery Test bench combined with shaker and power supplies

For this new test bench dedicated to thermal-vibrational fatigue and charge/discharge tests on automotive batteries, CSI has chosen a 18 mc walk-in ACS climatic chamber with a vibrating table interface.

Angelantoni Test Technologies will attend a Space Tech Expo USA - 2022

Space Tech Expo USA, Long Beach - CA, 23-25 May 2022

Space Tech Expo is America's premier space technology trade show, aimed at the entire satellite and spacecraft industry.

Cetex Institute chooses ACS Flower® chamber for textile testing

ACS and the R&D activities in the textile industry: the CETEX case

With Flower® chamber, the institute carries out research for the development of technical fabrics, textile-based materials and semi-finished products

Merlo chooses ACS climatic chamber for its roller bench tests

MERLO chooses ACS for cutting-edge “made in Italy” solutions with the highest safety standards and respect for the environment

MERLO’s choice to work with ACS stems from the sharing of similar corporate values and vision: both groups were founded in Italy and make innovation and excellence their guiding values.

Angelantoni Test Technologies attends SSEA 2022

4th Simposium on Space Educational Activities SSEA | 27-29/04/2022 Barcelona

ACS is proud to Sponsor this educational event , about Educational Activities related to Space, organised by the European Space Agency’s Education Office after successful past events in Padova (2015), Budapest (2018), and Leicester (2019).

Angelantoni Test Technologies will attend VTM 2022

VTM 30-31 March 2022 | Torino

VTM (Vehicle and Transportation Technology Innovation Meetings) is a well-known International Business Convention dedicated to the Automotive and Transport world.

Il nuovo gas refrigerante ecologico ACS R472B: we dit again!

The new ACS “green” refrigerant gas R472B: we did it again!

R23 is not a problem anymore! ACS has the solution: R472B, the new "green" refrigerant gas for your Ultra Low Temperature applications

ACS environmental test chambers for accelerated lifetime testing

Faster lifetime analyses by combining ACS environmental simulation chambers with advanced imaging techniques

For environmental simulation, the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences relies on devices from Angelantoni Test Technologies, to perform accelerated lifetime testing and other reliability tests.

 ACS CUSTOMER CARE&SERVICE portal: getting closer to our customers

ACS Customer Care&Service: getting closer to our customers!

The ACS CUSTOMER CARE&SERVICE portal is online from today!  It's a new all‑in‑one Help Desk, active 24 hours a day, easy-to-use and accessible from our website and App.

A walk-in thermal chamber from Angelantoni Test Technologies and a roller bench Bosch e-bikes testing

Chassis-dyno tests on an environment controlled by ACS chamber to qualify Pedelecs at Bosch

Bosch eBike Systems tests its Ebikes and Pedelecs through a roller dynamometer combined with an ACS thermostatic chamber.

ACS and ABB for technologically advanced, accurate and reliable measurements

ACS and the historic ABB: a long, successful collaboration

Technologically advanced, accurate and reliable measurements, certified according to International Standards.

ACS and its online 2021 Basic Course for Environmental Test Technicians

The ACS Webinar ”Basic Course for Environmental Test Technicians” has reached record participation

The free online course took place in two morning sessions on 23rd and 24th November, with the registration of over 110 technicians from the test laboratories of the main Italian companies in various industrial sectors.

Angelantoni Test Technologies attends Aerospace & Defense Meetings in Turin, Italy

ACS at Aerospace & Defense Meetings in Turin, Italy

We invite you to visit us at our booth, where we will make our expertise and all our skills available to you in order to provide you with the best solution for your testing needs.

Walk-in chamber for emission testing

ACS complete vehicle test chamber at ICAT, primary Validation & Testing Center in India

One of the largest Climatic Dyno Chambers installed in India, ACS emission test chamber is also equipped with solar light and wind simulation systems.

ACS environmental test chambers for Gestlabs

Large ACS thermal shock test chamber for GESTLabs laboratory

"A new CST1000/2T chamber has been introduced to perform thermal shock tests on electronic components and products for high tech industries, such as automotive, aerospace and industrial machinery."

ACS test chambers support VHIT BOSCH in the green conversion of automotive components

ACS supports VHIT BOSCH in the green conversion of automotive components

"Fundamental in the development phases are the tests performed using climatic chambers associated with functional control and reliability devices."

ACS small Thermal Vacuum Chambers for nanosatellites testing for the European Space Agency

A small Thermal Vacuum Chamber for tests on microsatellites: ESA and the “Fly your Satellite!” initiative

From the UK to Spain, the best European universities make use of ACS experience for important test activities carried out in Belgium at ESA's Education Training Center.

ACS Thermal Vacuum Chamber for the National Space Organization NSPO in Taiwan

NSPO Thermal Vacuum Chamber: a new record for ACS

After building one of the largest Thermal Vacuum Chambers in Europe last year, destined for the British Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Angelantoni Test Technologies has scored a new record order.

MTA chooses ACS climatic chambers

MTA chooses ACS products for their test laboratory in Morocco

"We have decided to confirm a partnership that has always guaranteed us highly reliable systems. "

Tec Eurolab carries out thermal shock tests with ACS chambers

TEC Eurolab and the Engineering Testing: thermal shock tests for the Aerospace sector

TEC Eurolab laboratories work with companies to improve production processes and the quality of components.

ACS big Thermal Vacuum Chamber for TAI

ACS simulation of the environmental conditions of satellite’s entry into orbit: the TAI case

One of the largest space simulators in the world, designed and built by ACS for Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI).

University of Piacenza uses ACS test chambers for the biomonitoring with bees

ACS and the University of Piacenza together for the biomonitoring with bees

Bees as bio-indicators to minimize particulate emissions and the impact of dust pollutants on the environment.

ACS Thermal Vacuum Chamber for TNO

ACS collaborates with TNO to create competitive and sustainable innovations

ACS is supplying TNO, the Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research, with a Thermal Vacuum Chamber for the calibration of space or pseudo-space instruments at flight representative environmental conditions.

ACS climatic test benches for the lithium-ion modules and high-voltage batteries for Voltavision

ACS supplied the innovative VOLTAVISION test laboratory with most of their climate test benches for the lithium-ion modules and high-voltage batteries

ACS supplied most of the climate test benches for the lithium-ion modules and high-voltage batteries for Voltavision.

ACS collaborates with Wamblee for environmental testing in the maritime sector

ACS and the Search and Rescue of persons in distress in the Maritime and Aeronautical Field: the WamBlee case

ACS is a partner of WamBlee to perform the tests required by the most stringent Maritime and Aeronautical standards with precision and repeatability.

Angelantoni Test Technologies has supplied YARZ plant with two Thermal Vacuum Chambers

ACS Thermal Vacuum Chambers at Yaroslavl Radio Plant Testing Laboratory

Yaroslavl Radio Plant, leader in Russia's radio manufacturing sector and specialized in communication equipment, has recently installed  two ACS Thermal Vacuum Chambers (TVC) for testing spacecraft payload modules in their Laboratories.

Monitoring of environmental risks thanks to ACS climatic chambers

ACS contribution to the monitoring of environmental risks due to natural events

CAE, a leading Italian company in this sector, is using an ACS chamber for accelerated tests in order to guarantee measurement instruments with maximum robustness and reliability over time.

ACS R472A is the refrigerant gas with the lowest GWP on the market

ACS launches its new refrigerant gas

Angelantoni Test Technologies has developed a new refrigerant gas for extreme temperatures, down to -70°C. It is the most ecological and innovative on the market, the result of years of research, and will significantly contribute to protecting the ecosystems and biodiversity of the planet.

ACS and the environmental testing to preserve viticultural agroecosystems

ACS contributes to the defense of the viticultural agroecosystems from the Asian bug

Dr. Ilaria Negri of the Catholic University of Piacenza illustrates the support of simulated environmental tests for studies on climate change and its consequences on biodiversity

Angelantoni Test Technologies provided Proventia with air handling system for their climatic chambers for battery testing

ACS works with Proventia in Finland

ACS contributed to the innovative design of the Proventia Electric Vehicle Battery Test Laboratory, supplying the air handling system for their climatic chambers for battery testing.

ACS large Galileo Thermal Vacuum Chamber for PRISMA satellite

PRISMA satellite from tonight is in orbit around the Earth: ACS contribution to the mission

Angelantoni Test Technologies is proud to have contributed to the mission of PRISMA, a satellite launched to study the Earth using spectroscopic techniques, entirely designed and built in Italy for the Italian Space Agency.

ACS vacuum technology for ITER project


Thanks to the considerable skills acquired in the field of vacuum technology, Angelantoni Test Technologies contributes to the ITER nuclear fusion project.

Test di corrosione: ISO 9227

Corrosion Test: ISO 9227

Once clarified the importance of performing corrosion tests on components and complete products, we can examine procedures and devices to detect corrosion resistance.

what is corrosion

What is corrosion and why do you need corrosion test?

Basic information on the phenomenon of corrosion (process, causes and effects) and on the importance of tests.

what is a test chamber

What is a test chamber and how does it work?

Basic information on the purpose and operating principles of environmental test chambers.


What is a thermal vacuum chamber and how does it work?

Basic information on the tests carried out by our Thermal Vacuum, Chambers (TVC), which accurately reproduce the environmental conditions in which objects operate in space.


The calorimeter for measuring energy efficiency

Less energy consumption without compromising on performance. The laboratory instrument that is used to assess energy efficiency is the calorimeter.


ACS with Umbria E-Mobility Network at E-TECH EUROPE, the event dedicated to the electric vehicle industry

On April 12th and 13th E-TECH EUROPE 2022 will be the set to showcase the most advanced Electrical and Electronic Technologies – all primed for the upcoming industrial and economic automotive revolution.


A spectacular journey to Moscow

On December 2nd, a huge ACS Thermal Vacuum Chamber reached the Moscow area after a spectacular journey, which led it to sail by river in front of the Kremlin.


"Reliability Testing": the online course for successful reliability tests is back!

ACS and Tecram are pleased to announce the third edition of the course (in Italian) that will be held on October 4 and 5 from 9:00 to 12:00.


The new ACS branch sites online: for a more direct, efficient and personalized presence

The digital transformation process begun by Angelantoni Test Technologies continues with the goal of making information processes increasingly quick and effective to improve customer experience.


ACS attends the Australian Space Forum - Adelaide 31/03/2021

It is the most important bi-annual event in the Aerospace sector in Australia , where the newly created Australian Space Agency will do national investments in the aerospace sector triple in the next 7 years (12 billion dollars and 20,000 jobs).