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ACS climatic chambers are used in many industrial fields, thanks to an extensive range of products that meets the needs of every customer.

Aerospace and aeronautics industry

The ACS climatic chambers dedicated to aeronautics and aerospace testing reproduce the environmental conditions typical of the landing/take-off stages and travel in space, guaranteeing high reliability and quality standards for products that pass the tests.

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Automotive industry

The ACS climatic chambers for the automotive industry reproduce different environmental conditions to which vehicles and their components are subjected: corrosion, solar radiation, airbag tests, and pedal board tests are just a few examples.

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Electronics industry

The ACS climatic chambers for the electronics industry subject the specimen to high stress with the aim of bringing out, during the test, the defects that would only show up after years of use.

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Battery Industry

The ACS climatic chambers for battery tests make it possible to carry out a wide variety of tests, given that they are sized according to the test requirements of battery cells, modules and packs.

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Other areas

From university research to the world of fashion and the preservation of archaeological finds, ACS environmental simulation test chambers are used for applications in many different fields.

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