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ACS and a decade of collaboration with MATE, the Laboratory for experimental and accreditation tests

ACS environmental test chambers for MATE, the Laboratory for experimental and accreditation tests

MATE, a company in the ART S.p.A. Group, is a test laboratory operating in the Automotive, Aerospace, Aviation & Defence, Biomedical, E-mobility, and Rail and Naval sectors. It has been using chambers supplied by Angelantoni Test Technologies for environmental and corrosion tests for over 10 years.

Thanks to the ACS chambers, the Mate Test laboratory conducts not only climatic, mechanical, vibration, thermal shock, corrosion and fatigue strength tests with air, oil and water, but also tests for Impact Strength (IK) and IP rating and tests on batteries. It is also capable of supporting its customers throughout the test phases, from the initial, experimental investigations on site or in the laboratory, to the design and implementation of special test campaigns.

Mate is also able to support the customer in the initial phase of selecting the type of test to be carried out thanks to its know-how acquired in the various sectors in which it operates and to experimental measurement or statistical methods, such as the Design of Experiments (DOE):

1.    screening phase: identification of the significant factors and their correlation and/or any failure mechanisms;

2.    optimisation phase: selection of the types of test and their combinations, QTP (Qualification Test Procedure) design with identification of the test assessment and planning criteria;

3.    execution phase: not only the implementation of any bespoke test benches and execution of the test campaign, but also constantly sharing the results with the customer. 

Founded in 2010, today the Laboratory is rapidly expanding, thanks not only to the wealth of services it offers companies, but also to the skills of its engineers to respond efficiently, effectively and rapidly to their customer's requests. 

The Mate test laboratory is accredited by Accredia as No. 1773L, in compliance with the requisites of the ISO 17025:2017 standard, not only for climatic tests, but also for vibration and shock tests in the automotive, industrial and aviation sectors.

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