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Angelantoni Group: Sustainability Report 2022


Young people and training, reduction of emissions and implementation of policies in favor of the sustainable development objectives of the 2030 Agenda: these are the Sustainability drivers that guide the Group's activities.

In 2022, the Angelantoni Group celebrated the company's 90th anniversary. With the publication of the first reporting document drafted by an internal team, on a voluntary basis, in compliance with the provisions of the GRI standards, the Group wishes to express its willingness to transparently communicate information relating to economic, environmental and social topics and in ESG performance overview.

The document aims to promote understanding of the activities carried out by the Group, its performance, its results and the impact produced by them.

“We wanted to anticipate reporting on a voluntary basis to underline our commitment to Sustainability” said Federica Angelantoni, the Group's Chief Sustainability Officer. “In order for Sustainability to materialize, it must be transformed into a mass phenomenon, it must be able to become democratic and accessible. It is a universal theme in which everyone is called to play their part, as a form of collective examination of conscience regarding the precariousness of the balance on which the assumptions of our existence are based. Having said that, it must be implemented without falling into extremism. The ultimate goal of a company is always to generate a profit, otherwise it could not continue to operate over time, but it is essential to dwell on how this profit is redistributed to the community, that is, to aim at well-being in its holistic dimension. “

In the coming years, the Angelantoni Group aims to continue improving the environment with a lower impact by implementing new solutions in the field of electric mobility and with the use of more sustainable materials that embrace the principles of the circular economy. Furthermore, it intends to export the results obtained at the parent company level as a model of best practice in all the international offices of its subsidiaries.

“New technologies, young people and the territory represent the common thread that guides our entrepreneurial development - underlined the president of the Group, Cavaliere Gianluigi Angelantoni - We want to continue investing above all in the training of young people and in philanthropic and cultural initiatives. Our entrepreneurial mission is to give something back to the territories in which we operate, in terms of growth, well-being, job opportunities".

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