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ACS vacuum technology for ITER project

Thanks to the considerable skills acquired in the field of vacuum technology, Angelantoni Test Technologies contributes to the ITER nuclear fusion project.

Thanks to the considerable skills acquired in the field of vacuum technology, Angelantoni Test Technologies has also managed to emerge in a new technology sector of great global importance.

On 20th December 2012, the Fusion for Energy (F4E) company signed a contract with Angelantoni Test Technologies s.r.l. for the design, production, and installation of a Pure gas and vacuum injection system for the MITICA and SPIDER experiments that will be conducted at the RFX consortium in Padua.

The experiments will be of crucial importance for the creation of the first nuclear fusion plant currently being built in Cadarache in France (ITER design), with the participation of all the world’s most industrialized countries.

In particular, ATT’s work is to be used by the Neutral Beam Test Facility (PRIMA ‐ NBTF), comprising:

‐ MITICA: 1:1 scale prototype of the injector of the reactor, the heart of the nuclear fusion process

‐ SPIDER: source test system for the production of deuterium ions extracted from plasma

Find more info about SPIDER experiment in the brochure available below.

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ATT’s participation in the ITER nuclear fusion project,” said engineer Mauro Margherita, ATT’s Managing Director, “marks a very important step toward accomplishing the mission that has always characterized our group, oriented toward technological innovation and the achievement of the highest quality and reliability standards. I would like to thank our entire staff, who contributed to the design of our system with great dedication. We are extremely proud to take part in this strategic research, which represents the future for the first production of ‘clean’ energy.

SPIDER experiment will be inaugurated on June the 11th 2018 at the premises of Consorzio RFX (Padua). SPIDER will be the world’s most powerful ion beam source. It will enable scientists from all over the world to develop the powerful heating systems required for ITER and ultimately make fusion energy a reality.

Angelantoni Test Technologies, in collaboration with Fusion for Energy, ITER and the Consorzio RFX, has supplied, installed and tested the GAS STORAGE and DISTRIBUTION, VACUUM AND GAS INJECTION SYSTEMS for SPIDER Experiment.

It is an honour for Italy to be the host of such a prestigious facility, which is the fruit of a unique international collaboration. Italy and Consorzio RFX have provided the facility, the industrial base, and most of the personnel. Fusion for Energy has financed most of the components drawing on the expertise of European research organisations and industry.

The completion of the MITICA experiment at RFX is expected by the end of February 2021.