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ACS Thermal Vacuum Chambers for YARZ, leader in telecommunications

The two special ACS thermal vacuum chambers for YARZ, a leader in the telecommunications sector.

YARZ, Russian leader in telecommunications

Yaroslavl Radio Plant (YARZ) is a leader in Russia’s radio manufacturing sector, specialized in the manifacturing of professional communications equipment, such as radios for air-to-air, air-to-ground and ground-to-air telephone communications and for transmission and reception of encoded telemetry information.

The crucial role of testing is evidenced by the recent start-up of a modern technological production plant  that includes a new laboratory to test spacecraft payload modules: it is in the vast area of 3000 Sq. Mt. dedicated to installation, assembly, adjustment and testing activities that operate the two Thermal Vacuum chambers custom-designed for the Russian company.

In recent years, YARZ has been involved in various important projects, such as the multi-channel terminal for the Navy and the border service, communication vehicles for the Air Force and cosmodromes, emergency rescue radios of the AIS system, modernized aviation rescue radios, modernized airborne radio stations, various nodes and blocks that functionally expand the capabilities of modern communication systems.

ACS Thermal Vacuum Chambers (TVC)

The chambers designed and built for YARZ find application in the important project concerning the assembly and testing of spacecraft modules. The project was funded for 3.5 million rubles by the Russian space agency Roscosmos, the RTI Group of which YARZ is a part and the regional government.

Main features:

  • Useful volume (inside the shroud): 3.000 e 10.600 l
  • Two independent thermoregulations systems for the shroud and for the thermal plate
  • A large thermal plate to test DUT of big dimensions
  • Temperature range on the cold plate: -60°C/+125°C
  • High capability of power and high frequency connections
  • 10 temperature probes for data acquisition (10.600)
  • WinKratos software

The video, released by Yarz, shows our TCVs in their plant laboratory.

Know-how, innovation and flexibility: thanks to these values, ACS confirms its worldwide leadership in the strategic aerospace sector with a wide range of testing solutions and Thermal Vacuum Chambers, standard and custom-designed.