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ACS supplied the innovative VOLTAVISION test laboratory with most of their climate test benches for the lithium-ion modules and high-voltage batteries

ACS climatic test benches for the lithium-ion modules and high-voltage batteries for Voltavision

VOLTAVISION, Bochum-Germany, is one of the leading development and test centres for power electronics and energy storage. It works on solutions for everyday electromobility and the use of renewable energies.

The VOLTAVISION laboratory is tailored to the special requirements of complex lithium-ion storage systems and is characterised by its high dynamics and flexible communication interfaces. All test benches are particularly suitable for testing a wide variety of lithium-ion battery systems under a wide range of temperature and climatic conditions.

ACS supplied most of the climate test benches for the lithium-ion modules and high-voltage batteries for this innovative test laboratory.

For a test laboratory, flexibility in the temperature and RH working range is enormously important. In order to meet the various requirements of battery testing, the performance of the climatic test equipment must be as high as possible, but the energy consumption must be as low as possible.

A custom-designed model of walk-in T and RH test chamber was developed by ACS to meet the needs of VOLTAVISION, with a test room volume of 9m³, in order to fulfill their high demands of flexibility and performance.

With a temperature range from -40°C to +140°C and controlled RH from 10% to 95% in a wide temperature range from +5°C to +90°C, battery packs can be tested according to customer specifications. The facilities are also equipped with a wide range of safety devices up to Hazard Level 6 to provide protection in case of advers events.

With the 18 chambers, it's possible to carry out:

- Temperature tests with hundreds of temperature sensors installed on the battery pack.

- Functional tests

- R&D tests

- Product characterisation tests

- High humidity tests with condensation formation

Furthermore, ACS supplied VOLTAVISION with 21 standard chambers for cell and module testing. These test chambers are equipped with the innovative MyKratos™ management system, which allows remote control of all chamber functions and access to the test chambers from any location. This makes it possible for the test chambers to be located in test laboratories at different sites and monitored and controlled from a central laboratory.