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ACS works with Proventia in Finland

Angelantoni Test Technologies provided Proventia with air handling system for their climatic chambers for battery testing

ACS contributed to the innovative design of the Proventia Electric Vehicle Battery Test Laboratory, supplying the air handling system for their climatic chambers for battery testing.

ACS has recently supplied to the Electric Vehicle Battery Test Laboratory of Proventia in Finland the air conditioning system for their battery test climatic chambers.

Proventia is a Finnish technology company which operates in global markets offering products and services for emission control and the electrifying vehicle industry.

Proventia's modular EV battery test laboratory is a new solution for developing and testing electric vehicle battery packs and modules used in hybrid (HEV), plug in hybrid (PHEV) and battery electric vehicles (BEV). The Proventia climatic battery test chamber is designed for both module and full-size battery pack requirements.

The ACS system consists of three main units:

  1. Air treatment unit located inside the test room: it blows the air along the test room by forced air recirculation, using centrifugal blowers and managing the air temperature with heating and cooling exchangers
  2. Machine unit located outside the test room on the top of the roof: it is equipped with two compressors in cascade configuration for cooling the test room by the exchanger
  3. PLC control system on board of the machine unit: it guarantees the fine tuning of any environmental simulation inside the test room.

Download the pdf of the article published by Proventia in the magazine Automotive Testing Technology International (MARCH 2019):