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ACS contribution to the monitoring of environmental risks due to natural events

Monitoring of environmental risks thanks to ACS climatic chambers

CAE, a leading Italian company in this sector, is using an ACS chamber for accelerated tests in order to guarantee measurement instruments with maximum robustness and reliability over time.

CAE is a leading Italian company in the design, construction and maintenance of systems and technologies for monitoring environmental risk due to natural phenomena. Its measuring instruments must have maximum robustness and reliability over time and, in order to have the maximum guarantee of safety regarding their performance, CAE is using a large T&RH test chamber by ACS to test sensors and other instruments in their entirety.

The chamber is a Discovery My of the "ES" series, able to reach a temperature variation rate of at least 5°C/min, designed for "global quality" tests (Environmental Stress Screening - ESS) or generally for tests on elements where high reliability is required.

As CAE stated in their March 2021 issue of the magazine published on their site, "this aspect in particular makes the chamber capable of conducting tests on elements where high reliability over time is required, in addition to all the tests on which CAE has based its ZBT - Zero Breakdown Technology, a feature that distinguishes all CAE Tech products. "

"The use of this tool is essential in CAE to carry out accelerated tests on the tightness of its sensors and control units, in order to study their behavior both in extreme conditions and in the face of rapid changes in temperature or humidity."

"The climatic chamber is also accessible and fully controllable remotely via browser, a dedicated wireless network, a LAN or a cellular network thanks to an integrated management system,. The chamber is also equipped with a PLC that manages all functions and safety locks: this allows you to carry out tests without the need for the physical presence of the operator, a not negligible factor especially in this delicate period. Also thanks to these characteristics, the investment was made within the framework of the National Plan for the 4.0 Industry".

How to guarantee such a high degree of reliability to electronic equipment?

A high degree of reliability such as that required by CAE for its equipment is obtained through accelerated tests on the tightness of sensors and control units, both in extreme conditions and in the event of rapid changes in temperature or humidity.

 The climatic chamber suited to CAE specific needs is the DM 1200 C ES model


  • Big dimensions
    The 1200 liters of internal capacity allow CAE to carry out tests not only on parts but also on sensors and instruments in their entirety.


  • Main features
    - Temperature Range between -75°C and + 180°C
    - 10%/98% Humidity Range between 10°C and 95°C
    - high stability in Temperature (between ± 0.1 ° C and ± 0.3 ° C)
    - Relative Humidity between ± 1% and ± 3%


  • Gradient
    The main feature that makes the chamber capable of conducting tests on elements where high reliability over time is required is the extremely rapid cooling and heating rate of at least 5°C per minute.


Like all Discovery My chambers, the DM 1200 C ES is also equipped with a remote management and control system and a PLC that manages its functions and safety blocks to carry out tests even without the physical presence of the operator.

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