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Aerospace and aeronautics industry

The ACS climatic chambers for aeronautics and aerospace testing reproduce the environmental conditions typical of the landing/take-off stages and travel in space, guaranteeing high standards of reliability and quality for the products that pass the tests.

Man has always looked up into the heavens with curiosity, and then explored them to study the laws that govern the world. Despite the distance between two such different environments, this has brought significant benefits to life on earth. An example of this is the use of satellite navigators, which can determine the position and distance from a given point, giving directions for how to reach it. Or the invention of Velcro and its subsequent use for commercial purposes, which followed just a few years after it was first used in the aerospace industry.

ACS has acquired in-depth expertise and know-how in aerospace testing, in line with its mission to improve human life, producing aerospace test chambers so that research and exploration can be carried out with reliable machinery and equipment that is safe for humans.

  • Qbe Thermal Vacuum Chamber for CubeSat and small satellite testing

    In the realm of space technology, Angelantoni Test Technologies sets a benchmark by catering to both growing economies and established markets.

    ACS Qbe Thermal Vacuum Chamber for CubeSats and small satellites testing
  • Customized thermal vacuum chambers (TVC)

    Space simulators (TVC - Thermal Vacuum Chambers),  that artificially reproduce the real working conditions of satellites and spacecraft equipment, represent one of the highest achievements of ACS technology

  • Altitude test chambers

    ACS chambers for altitude tests reproduce the operating conditions of components or products that operate in environments where the atmospheric pressure decreases over time.

    • Long experience in vacuum pumping systems
    • Special attention to minimizing consumption
    • Integrated control system


Discover in detail the range of ACS environmental simulation chambers that are used in the aeronautics and aerospace industry.

The ACS climatic chambers for testing aeronautical and aerospace components and products are designed to reproduce the harsh operating environment that is one of the most challenging environments for environmental simulation. The vacuum chambers for altitude tests allow the controlling of temperature, humidity and pressure; the space simulators control temperature and pressure and can be equipped with solar radiation systems.

The ACS brand has acquired extensive experience in the design and production of vacuum test chambers following the first space simulator produced in 1988. This range of climatic chambers is divided into two types:

  • Altitude test chambers that reach low pressure levels of 100 Pascal (1 mbar)
  • Space simulators (TVC - Thermal Vacuum Chambers), which have to artificially reproduce the real operating conditions of satellite and spacecraft equipment, and therefore need to reach pressure values as low as 10-8 mbar
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