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Altitude test chambers

Climatic chambers for altitude tests are used to reproduce the operating conditions of components or products that operate in environments where the atmospheric pressure decreases over time. When carrying out tests in the aeronautics industry, an effective combined control of temperature and pressure must be guaranteed in order to simulate the exact altitude above sea level. Humidity control is also necessary in some cases.

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This range of altitude test chambers is available in both versions: thermostatic (temperature and pressure control) and climatic (temperature, pressure and humidity control) in volumes of 150, 300 and 1000 liters. The 500 and 1000 l models are also available in the 5 K/min version. A special wall thermoregulation system (optional) guarantees the best functioning below 300 mb, thermoregulating the test environment by radiation.


  • Heated inspection window ensures clear visibility of the test compartment 
  • Excellent thermoregulation performance and control of pressures inside the test compartment thanks to the thermoregulation of the walls
  • Remote control
  • Remote support
  • Inspection window
  • Internal light
  • Mechanical door lock
  • Self-leveling feet
  • MyKratos

Download the catalogue to see the full standard configuration.

  • Additional portholes
  • Temperature extension
  • Pressure values extension
  • MyAngel24™: the Interactive Support System

Download the catalogue to see the complete list of accessories.

The MyKratos™ management software is embedded in the machine in built-in and completely dedicated hardware, which allows the control and management of the chamber functions. No installation is required, and it can be accessed from a PC via web browser or via the free app developed for tablets and smartphones. MyKratos™ allows multiuser and multilevel connections, even from different devices.



T range= -70/+100°C



T range = -70/+100°C

UD 150 C

UD 500 C

UD 1000 C

UD 500 C ES

UD 1000 C ES


 T range= -70/+100°C


T range= -70/+100°C

TD 150 C

TD 500 C

TD 1000 C

TD 500 C ES

TD 1000 C ES
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