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What is corrosion and why do you need corrosion test?

Basic information on the phenomenon of corrosion (process, causes and effects) and on the importance of tests.


What is a thermal vacuum chamber and how does it work?

Basic information on the tests carried out by our Thermal Vacuum, Chambers (TVC), which accurately reproduce the environmental conditions in which objects operate in space.


Practical guide to the selection of a climatic chamber

A collection of the most important information to make the customer understand the climate chamber main functions and to facilitate its product choice.


Corrosion Test: ISO 9227

Once clarified the importance of performing corrosion tests on components and complete products, we can examine procedures and devices to detect corrosion resistance.


The reliability of batteries in the automotive sector

Angelantoni Test Technologies has gained an extensive experience on lithium-ion battery testing and can supply a large range of standard and custom designed chambers for the testing of cells, modules and packs.


Thermal Shock Test, MIL-STD-883H METHOD 1010.8

This type of test allows to highlight, during the validation phase and in a short time, the possible critical issues that could compromise performance and reliability during the production process.


What is a test chamber and how does it work?

Basic information on the purpose and operating principles of environmental test chambers.FF