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New climatic chamber model DM1350 BT for battery testing

DM1350 BT: the revolutionary new ACS climate chamber model for battery tests

The DM1350 BT chamber was a huge success at the Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart last June 2024: plug-and-play functionality, optimized test space and CO2 cooling are its strong points.

Angelantoni Test Technologies is pleased to introduce its latest innovation: the DM1350 BT battery test chamber. Designed for research and development laboratories working at the forefront of the eMobility sector, the DM1350 BT is a climatic chamber specifically designed for cell testing. This innovation is the result of a collaboration with Voltavision, which took care of the electrical connections of the cells inside the test chamber. The rack, equipped with 24 channels, is designed to accommodate future-oriented cells, ensuring reliable and fast handling of the loading and unloading of cells to be tested with safe and accurate measurement results.

The CO2 Revolution

The feature that makes the DM1350 BT unique is that it is Angelantoni Test Technologies' first standard product with CO2 technology. This choice is not accidental, but the result of a well-defined strategic direction.

Angelantoni Test Technologies is at the forefront of the green transition, moving from traditional fluorinated gases to CO2 (R744), which has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 1. This choice puts us well ahead of the stringent requirements of the new F-GAS (EU) Regulation 2024/573, which imposes reductions in the environmental impact of refrigerants with high GWP.

Operational and Maintenance Advantages

The switch to CO2 (R744) in our cooling units represents a major advance in refrigeration technology. Unlike conventional systems using R449A, which lose a considerable part of their cooling capacity at temperatures below -25°C and only reach a minimum temperature of -40°C, the CO2 cooling unit configuration effectively cools down to -40...-45°C, maintaining a higher cooling capacity even at the minimum temperatures required by automotive testing.

In addition, these systems operate more quietly than conventional systems, improving comfort in noise-sensitive environments.

Finally, CO2 cooling systems eliminate the need for regular leak checks, making maintenance much easier.

In conclusion, the DM1350 BT test chamber represents a quantum leap in testing technology, combining innovation, efficiency and sustainability in one product. With the DM1350 BT, Angelantoni Test Technologies continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and sustainability, leading the industry towards a greener future.