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Accessories for Climatic Chambers

Discover the wide range of accessories for ACS climatic chambers.

DiscoveryMy climatic and thermostatic chambers are equipped with a wide range of accessories included in the basic, extremely functional configuration.
Which are the accessories included in the ACS basic configuration?
Among the accessories available in the testing field, Angelantoni Test Technologies offers multiple solutions and innovative services conceiped and oriented to the needs of its customers. Among these we find:

  • Basic accessories such as the inspection window, the electromagnetic locking system, wheels and leveling feet, interior lighting and much more ... that allow easy use of the chamber.
  • Accessories related to machine control: MyAngel24™ interactive assistance system and integrated MyKratos™ control software, consisting of a fast and intuitive color graphic interface accessible from a 10-inch on-board touch-screen panel.
  • Accessories related to energy savings developed by Angelantoni Test Technologies that allow a decrease in terms of energy consumption, including the new R449 ecological gas and the new Smart Cooling Kit for improved performance of the refrigerator circuit.

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What can you add to your chamber?

A complete list of options and possible customisations is available to satisfy the majority of requests coming from the environmental testing market. To make the article easier to read we have tried to classify the accessories into:

1. Mechanical accessories
2. Electrical accessories
3. Control accessories
4. Thermoregulation accessories
5. Test

Some examples:

1. Mechanical accessories

Additional portholes: for electrical, mechanical or hydraulic connections (also through die-cut and handling port-holes) between the inside and the outside of the chamber. Their position can be selected using a specific matrix.
Ventilation control: a ventilation motor to regulate speed, which allows to reduce the ventilation speed inside the chamber.

2. Electrical accessories

UPS for PLC: The DC-UPS 24VDC module, equipped with a battery for the uninterrupted power supply unit, prevents the devices from switching off in the event of a blackout or power trip for a certain period of time. Find out more about devices designed to be connected under UPS power and other electrical accessories.

3. Control accessories

Cascade control of the temperature with PT100 probe: PPT100 probe no. 1 can be placed next to the test specimen inside the test compartment to control thermo-regulation and also to take into account the test specimen’s thermal inertia (cascade regulation).
MyKratos™ Software: to manage multiple chambers via PC.

4. Thermoregulation accessories

Control of the Dew Point value down to -20°C: This accessory can be added to the compressed air dehumidification kit and capacitive probe. It can be used to control the dew point down to - 20°C, by setting any temperature and humidity value up to the dew point value declared.

5. Test

Dewing Test: The dewing test kit aims to investigate the behaviour of the test specimen when it is subjected to dew, in order to identify possible malfunctions or faults generated by possible product defects (standard BMW GS 95011-4).
Test PV1200 and Test PV2005 Variante A.