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MyAngel24™ is the online system for diagnostics and interactive service on ACS climatic chambers from any place, at any time, using any device.

The system includes important services devised for the customer, such as the automatic sending of reports on ACS chamber activities, self-diagnosis and monitoring of wear on the main components for preventive maintenance.

The ACS chamber will be equipped with MyAngel24™ (integrated into the machine) only upon request (optional accessory).

MyAngel24™ can also be purchased separately as a remote service kit for compatible chambers not equipped with MyKratos™.

Customers can activate or deactivate at any time the MyAngel24™ connection with Angelantoni servers via the local ACS chamber panel or remotely.



Less servicing on-siteIdentification of problems through remote testing and examination of recorded data
Remote support, avoiding on-site servicing for everything that can be taken care of remotely
Reduced machine downtimeMaintenance operations can be planned in advance, without interfering with the machine testing plan
Maximum on-site service effectivenessRemote identification of problems allows ACS Service to identify the component that is causing difficulties and to be ready for a possible replacement before servicing on-site
Remote ServiceRemote adjustment of PID parameters
Remote adjustment of PLC programs for optimization of the ACS chamber

MyAngel24™ Connection

MyAngel24™ uses the highest security standards available for:

  • authentication
  • secure connection
  • data encryption
  • archiving

The chamber can be connected to Angelantoni servers by means of SIM card via mobile network or by LAN connection via Ethernet.

MyAngel24™ Services:

Automatic Reports

MyAngel24™ periodically and automatically sends a report on chamber activities to the customer. The file contains the graphs and trends of the main machine parameters in regard to the tests carried out in the previous period.


The system automatically sends alerts to the Angelantoni technical support staff and, when requested, also to the operator.

Alerts are generated for the following types of functions:

When the regulation of the controlled variable is not within the limitsWhen the controlled variable does not reach the setpoint
When the controlled variable deviates from the setpointThe system monitors the pressure of the cascade refrigeration system to identify any leaks and to inform customers and ACS Service in real time

Preventive maintenance

The automatic report contains the list of the meters that indicate the wear status of the ACS chamber’s main components. This allows the customer to plan in advance any maintenance activities regarding the component in question.

MyAngel24™ VIDEO

For making work easier for customers who use ACS climatic chambers.

MyAngel24™: Main Characteristics

Once activated, the system will guarantee a secure connection to the Angelantoni servers for 24-hour monitoring of the chamber’s operating status – and if necessary, the ACS service can operate remotely for identifying and solving problems.

Discover MyAngel24™’s most important functions with Robert.

MyAngel24™: Activation Procedure

Robert will show the procedure that the user must follow on the machine’s control panel to activate or deactivate MyAngel24™, the interactive service system included in the MyKratos™ management system.

No additional hardware or software is required.

MyAngel24™: Reduced Maintenance Costs

Take note of the innovative services provided by MyAngel24™. Dedicated algorithms have made it possible to develop the following new functions: automatic reports, self-diagnosis and preventive maintenance.

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