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ACS Academy

ACS has been organizing training courses for customers since April 2004. From a general perspective of Customer Care and Learning Culture, we believe it is essential to give advice and suggestions on how to best use our products/services and take maximum advantage of them, in order to maximize customer investment allowing them to improve performance (through a correct use) and reduce costs (reducing calls to Customer Service). For the same purpose, we provide customers with informative articles that help to simplify sometimes complex technical subjects, fundamental for the use of our environmental test chambers.


Customer training course

Our Customer Service is able to offer customized courses to be carried out at the customer's premises.


What is corrosion and why do you need corrosion test?

Basic information on the phenomenon of corrosion (process, causes and effects) and on the importance of tests.


What is a thermal vacuum chamber and how does it work?

Basic information on the tests carried out by our Thermal Vacuum, Chambers (TVC), which accurately reproduce the environmental conditions in which objects operate in space.


Advanced Course for Environmental Test Technicians

The Advanced Course allows for an in-depth study of specific tests and ever-changing themes, with the contribution of the experiences of Laboratories and Test Centers (in Italian).


Training course for Service Technicians

This Course provides Service Technicians with all the information and updates necessary to assist ACS customers in a professional and highly effective way.


Day of Introduction to Environmental Testing

The day of training at the Milan Showroom includes a demo of MyKratos™ control S/W and of MyAngel24™ interactive remote system (in Italian).


Basic Course for Environmental Test Technicians

The Basic Course provides the theoretical basis of environmental simulation and an overview of the most common tests, as well as an introduction to management and control systems (in Italian).


Practical guide to the selection of a climatic chamber

A collection of the most important information to make the customer understand the climate chamber main functions and to facilitate its product choice.


Corrosion Test: ISO 9227

Once clarified the importance of performing corrosion tests on components and complete products, we can examine procedures and devices to detect corrosion resistance.