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Environmental testing of electronic equipment is done to reduce the risk of product failure in the field and to speed up time to market. Tests are fundamental for ensuring that products have a long service life, maintaining their initial performance.

The reliability and quality of electronic boards and components are essential requirements that all manufacturers must monitor in both the design and production stages, with the aim of detecting and replacing all defective parts.

The tests can simulate the normal operating environment of the product in order to identify design errors or defective components, such as: weak welds, container defects, poor chip adhesion. Stress screening tests accelerate the life of the product in order to forcefully induce the arising of latent defects, production errors and infant mortality of products.

  • Air to Air Thermal Shock Chambers

    ACS offers a large range of air/air thermal shock chambers. The CST130/2T "spinner" model has been completely redesigned based on the Discovery My model and obtimized to improve performances and reduce consumption. It is equipped with the MyKratos ™ control system and the 10-inch color touchscreen operator panel.

    • Ecological refrigerant gas 
    • Maximum operator safety
    • Integrated control system
  • Halt and Hass test chambers

    Accelerated testing, such as multi-axis vibration, rapid temperature cycle and product feed cycle are used to quickly detect design and manufacturing defects.

    • Long experience in creating custom solutions
    • Special attention to minimizing consumption
    • Integrated control system
  • Chambers for environmental stress screening on antennas and satellite components

    ACS chambers for the aeronautics and aerospace industry reproduce the environmental conditions typical of the landing/take-off stages and travel in space, guaranteeing high standards of reliability and quality for the products that pass the tests.

    • The electromagnetic door lock provides maximum operator safety
    • 10” touchscreen panel with an intuitive, user-friendly interface
    • Automatic reporting, self-diagnosis, preventive maintenance


Discover in detail the range of ACS environmental simulation chambers for the electronics industry.

ACS standard and customized environmental simulation chambers can simulate any type of environment for the R&D, Production and Certification sectors, for approval and reliability testing at any stage of the product life cycle.

Innovation, flexibility, advanced know-how have always been the keys to ACS’s success in the field of “special” chambers, which can combine thermoclimatic and mechanical stress tests. These chambers can be connected by means of special interfaces to all types of vibrators produced by the main international manufacturers. Mechanical stress can thus be easily combined with thermal stress testing.

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