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Mr Manzella visits Angelantoni Test Technologies

Manzella, Undersecretary for Economic Development, visits

The Umbrian Aerospace District will also participate at the table for the program for relaunching the aerospace industry through resources coming from the Recovery Fund.

On the 24th of July we received the visit of the Undersecretary for Economic Development Gian Paolo Manzella, as part of the program to relaunch the aerospace sector thanks to resources from the Recovery Fund, which will also be attended by the Umbrian Aerospace Cluster.

In addition to our company, world leader in the design and construction of Thermal Vacuum Chambers (space simulators), other excellent companies in the sector operate in Umbria such as OMA and Umbragroup of Foligno, Fucine Umbre of Terni, CBL Electronics, and many others.

Undersecretary Manzella said he discovered the Umbrian Aerospace Cluster in Farnborough, one of the most important Aerospace Fairs at international level. «I was immediately struck by the sobriety and effectiveness of the stand of the Region that hosted the district. It was a nice mix of culture, territory, technology. It was there that I discovered this important reality».

When asked what had most surprised him, the answer was: «To discover that some of the largest space simulators in the world are made by Angelantoni Test Technologies in Massa Martana. And do you know how I found it out? I was at Thales Aerospazio in Rome and at a certain point they told me, indicating a large sphere, that the satellites they produced were tested in the conditions they would find in space. I went over and read Angelantoni - Massa Martana. I said, I want to go there. Thinking about this "2001 space odyssey" scenario realized in the Martani Mountains immediately fascinated me».

The visit was attended also by Dr. Alessandro Castagnino, Secretary General of Umbria Aerospace Cluster.