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Energy saving climatic chambers, Flower®

The Discovery My “Flower®” climatic chamber combines the possibility of carrying out climate tests with environmental protection, thanks to its reduced energy consumption and use of eco-friendly and recyclable materials. Energy consumption was reduced in the climatic test stabilization stage through a patented system that guarantees energy savings of about 70%, with absolutely no loss in performance. Noise emissions were reduced by 50%.

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These chambers can be supplied with the new ecological refrigerant gas R472B, having a GWP of 526. Click on the logo for further information.

R472 ACS green refrigerant gas

The range of the ACS “Flower®” energy saving series of Climatic Chambers allows you to control the temperature and humidity inside the test compartment, in a range from -70°C to +180°C (temperature) and from 10% to 98% (relative humidity), according to that shown by the humidity diagram. Energy consumption has been reduced by means of:

  • an inverter that controls the compressor speed and allows adjustment of the compressor power for different work needs
  • a “cold accumulator” for increasing the cooling capacity

Noise emissions were reduced by 50%, thanks to:

  • the compressor inverter, which reduces the rotation speed by about 40% of its nominal value depending on the working conditions
  • a silencer installed on the compressor that attenuates the noise during maximum rotation speeds
  • an automatic control system that reduces the rotation speed of the condenser fan according to the ambient temperature and the cooling capacity


  • The compact body in RAL 7044 grey provides excellent corrosion protection with a powder coated finish
  • The electromagnetic door lock provides maximum operator safety
  • Ecological refrigerant gas in line with the European Regulation 517/2014
  • 10” touchscreen panel with an intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • New software that allows remote control of all chamber functions
  • Automatic reporting, self-diagnosis, preventive maintenance
  • Inspection window
  • Ecological refrigerant gas in line with the European Regulation 517/2014
  • Internal light
  • Wheels and feet

Download the catalogue to see the complete list of accessories.

  • Additional portholes
  • UPS for the PLC
  • Stainless steel internal shelves
  • Notched porthole
  • Electric power shut off to specimen during alarms
  • New R472B refrigerant gas
  • MyAngel24™: the Interactive Support System

Complete the form to see the complete list of accessories

The MyKratos™ management software is embedded in the machine in built-in and completely dedicated hardware, which allows the control and management of the chamber functions. No installation is required, and it can be accessed from a PC via web browser or via the free app developed for tablets and smartphones. MyKratos™ allows multiuser and multilevel connections, even from different devices.



T -40/+180°C

T -75/+180°C


FM340 C
FM600 C
FM1200 C
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