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Customized vibration test chambers

Using a climatic chamber for vibration tests allows the specimen to be subjected to a combination of different tests, such as: vibrations, temperature variations and climatic variations. This type of test is used to evaluate the resistance of components and equipment to combined climatic and mechanical stresses that can affect performance in normal usage conditions. Automotive and aerospace components are among the main categories of products that must be subjected to such tests to ensure reliability and safety for users.

ACS can supply chambers according to the specific needs of customers, suitable for any product volume to be tested, and that perform various test conditions with both vertical and horizontal vibrations, very rapid cooling rates, or specific standards such as the MIL-STD 810 G standards.

The models of the standard line of ACS vibration test chambers are described in detail in the technical data sheet.

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Example of a chamber customized according to the specifications requested by the customer.

Customized vibration test chamber AV9500 TC

  • Inside dimensions: 2300x2300x1800 mm (LxDxH)
  • Outside dimensions: 4990x3150x2890 mm (LxDxH)
  • Temperature range: -40°C / +150°C
  • Rate of temperature change (in compliance with the IEC EN 60068-3-5 standard with a 500 kg specimen of aluminum):
    • 1°C/min. from -30°C to +130°C
    • 0.5°C/min. from +130°C to -30°C

The chamber is equipped with:

  • Floor opening for vertical and horizontal vibration
  • Double front door (2300x1800 H mm) with window 450x450 mm
  • Opening in both walls with sliding doors (1500x500 H mm)
  • Opening in rear wall (1500x400 H mm) with sliding door

The software for this type of chamber is an application that includes all the functions based on the specifications requested by the customer. The chamber has a built-in control panel for controlling and managing its functions. The chamber can also be controlled remotely using the WinKratos software or an equivalent application.

ACS can provide customized solutions that are adapted to the requests of every customer. Thanks to its accurate analysis of testing needs and highly specialized technical consultancy, ACS designs and manufactures environmental simulation chambers in the configuration most suitable for meeting the customer’s testing needs.

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