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Corrosion test chambers

Corrosion is a chemical or electrochemical reaction between a material and its environment. This process causes the deterioration of the product and the loss of its initial characteristics.

Climatic chambers for corrosion testing can help predict the resistance of materials in order to estimate the life cycle of the components, compare different products and evaluate the behavior of a coating in a specific corrosive environment.

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The range of Corrosion Test Chambers includes 3 models: 600, 1000 and 1200 liters. Traditionally specialized in “underfilm scab” and “filiform” corrosion tests, ACS chambers can also perform traditional salt spray tests (continuous, alternating, etc.) in compliance with the main international standards and regulations. VDA, SAE J2334 and the Kesternich test are available as standard options.


  • Top-loading salt solution 
  • Height-adjustable feet
  • Flowmeter for reading the salt solution flow rate 
  • Transparent and ergonomic hood, with powered opening, to prevent drops of salt solution from falling on the specimen

  • Lucite (Plexiglas) nozzle 
  • Rain gauge
  • Pump for regulating the salt solution flow rate 
  • Flowmeter for reading the salt solution flow rate 

Download the catalogue to see the full standard configuration.

  • 6-channel graphic recorder with microprocessor
  • Digital pH meter (portable)
  • 200 liter external tank
  • Cart for 200 l tank

Download the catalogue to see the complete list of accessories.

The KeyKratos Plus management software is embedded in the machine in built-in and completely dedicated hardware, which allows the control and management of the chamber functions. The chamber can be accessed remotely to take advantage of the advanced functions (such as the visual creation of thermoclimatic profiles, recordings management and graph analysis) using the WinKratos software that can be installed on a company PC..

Software drivers can be provided on request that allow you to manage the chamber directly from applications created by the customer.


T AMB. …/+55°C



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