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MYANGEL24™, the remote diagnostic and assistance service

The innovative online diagnostics and remote assistance system for managing and monitoring your ACS chamber.

MyAngel24™ is one of the strong points among the services offered by Angelantoni Test Technologies, and it stands out for its effectiveness and reliability. Like all software developed for Angelantoni Test Technologies products, MyAngel24™ is also highly digitized for optimizing and automating operations and processes.

The constant updating work done by our team brings continuous improvements to the software, in order to respond effectively to the needs of the users, as part of the company’s perspective of innovation and improvement.

In this article we will learn more about the functions of and connection procedures for MyAngel24™, the Remote Diagnostic and Assistance Service for the management and monitoring of ACS chambers.



MyAngel24™ is a remote online diagnostic and assistance system that allows the management and monitoring of an ACS chamber from any place and at any time, active 24/7. 

The main advantages that the system offers the users of the ACS climatic chambers are:

  • monitoring the status of the main components
  • diagnosis in case of real or potential malfunctions
  • remote access in onboard mode
  • automatic sending of operating reports

The MyAngel24™ system allows the interconnecting of ACS chambers, client computers and Angelantoni servers.

Access from any device
The system is accessible through the MyAngel24™ Internet portal, which can be accessed using any Internet browser on all desktop (macOS®, Linux®, Windows®) or mobile (Android™/iOS®) devices.


Secure connection
Connection to the portal takes place through a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) Internet channel, accessible using the free multiplatform OpenVPN application. The certificates required for connection via OpenVPN are provided by the Angelantoni Test Technologies assistance service, after requesting activation of the MyAngel24™ service.


Communication with the Angelantoni server
The ACS chambers are set up for this connection and therefore no additional software is required: a special device inside the ACS chamber provides for the connection with the MyAngel24™ server via company LAN (Ethernet cable) or via mobile network (SIM card).

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Display of the metrics sent by the ACS chamber

A device built into the chamber collects data at regular intervals and sends it to the MyAngel24™ server for storage in the cloud. The metrics sent to the server can be seen on a time chart in the appropriate section of the MyAngel24™ portal. Customers can activate or deactivate the sending of metrics to the MyAngel24™ server at any time from the panel on the ACS chamber or through the management software installed in the chamber (MyKratos™ or KeyKratos™). In protection of the customer’s privacy, the metrics collected cannot be used to trace the characteristics of the specimen or the specifications of the test being performed. The data retention period on the MyAngel24™ server is 30 days.

 Remote access to the ACS chamber

By selecting the desired ACS chamber in the MyAngel24™ portal, one can take advantage of the onboard functions, which allow the user to access the chamber software and to work as if they were physically next to the machine. In this way, all the functions necessary for the typical management of an ACS chamber will be available. To use this function with ACS chambers equipped with MyKratos™ 4.0 or later versions, the automatic connection to the VPN network must be activated.

Receiving of automatic reports

Based on the data received from the ACS chamber, the MyAngel24™ system periodically and automatically sends the report of chamber activities to the enabled users. The report contains the graphs showing the trend of the main parameters relating to the tests carried out in the desired period, showing the graphs of some variables, such as:

  • Temperature Set Point
  • Temperature Measured
  • Relative Humidity Set Point
  • Relative Humidity Measured
  • Ambient temperature of the room where the ACS chamber is installed (or condenser water inlet temperature for water-cooled equipment)
  • List of meters that indicate the state of wear of the ACS chamber’s main components.


Receiving self-diagnosis alerts

One great advantage of the continuous monitoring and sending of ACS chamber data is the automatic sending of alerts regarding the operating status. Notifications are sent by email to the Angelantoni Test Technologies assistance service staff and, if requested, to the addresses provided with the registration of the service.
Alerts are generated in the event of the following operating conditions:

  1. a) The reading of the variable monitored (e.g. temperature or humidity) is outside the tolerance limits set as the control threshold.
  2. b) The reading of the variable monitored (e.g. temperature or humidity) does not reach the set point within a set time.
  3. c) The reading of the variable monitored (e.g. temperature or humidity) deviates from the set point.
  4. d) The pressure of the cascade refrigeration system is not within the set tolerance limits and thus there could be a possible gas leak.


Preventive maintenance

The automatic report contains the list of meters that indicate the state of wear of the ACS chamber’s main components. This allows the customer to plan in advance any maintenance or repair activities regarding the component in question.