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Solar/Photovoltaic module test chambers

The problem of global warming has helped to increase attention to the protection of the planet and the search for renewable energy sources, among which solar energy is considered one of the most promising. In this sector, solar panels are among the most used tools to “capture” solar energy and are therefore at the center of severe tests to study wear and aging.

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The ACS chambers for testing photovoltaic panels allow to carry out a number of tests for the certification of photovoltaic modules for long-term use in all expected environmental conditions, including:

  • Thermal cycle of pre-treatment with UV radiation;
  • Humidity freeze cycle: climatic cycle with humidity control and temperature from +85°C to 40°C;
  • Damp heat test: specifically designed to perform long term tests (85°C; 85% RH: 1000 hours)
  • Full opening door
  • Welded internal structure
  • Multiple glazed inspection window

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The KeyKratos Plus management software is embedded in the machine in built-in and completely dedicated hardware, which allows the control and management of the chamber functions. The chamber can be accessed remotely to take advantage of the advanced functions (such as the visual creation of thermoclimatic profiles, recordings management and graph analysis) using the WinKratos software that can be installed on a company PC.

Software drivers can be provided on request that allow you to manage the chamber directly from applications created by the customer.

The line of ACS chambers dedicated to testing on photovoltaic panels includes three standard models:

  • PV3000
  • PV4500
  • PV8500
  • PV3000 DH
  • PV4500 DH
  • PV8500 DH
  • UV3000
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