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Air to Air Thermal Shock Chambers

Climatic chambers for thermal shock tests are used to subject the specimen to strong shocks by passing it suddenly and repeatedly from a hot temperature zone to a cold one. The specimen can cool or heat at different rates at different points, depending on the material. If exposure to repeated cycles cause large expansions and contractions in volume, the material could undergo strong mechanical stresses and sometimes break.

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The traditional approach: two temperature methods, specimen moving with the basket

CST models - Vertical (130 and 320 l) or horizontal (500 and 1000 l) chambers with 2 compartments corresponding to 2 different temperature levels. The 130 l model, named “spinner”, is supplied with a motorized system connected by a screw rod for the transfer of the specimen between the hot and cold compartments. The CST130/2T “spinner” has been completely redesigned based on the Discovery My model, thus obtaining an improvement of performances and a significant reduction of consumption. It is equipped with MyKratos™ control system and with the new 10 inches on board display.

An alternative approach: two temperature methods, specimen fixed in its position

CST "flapper" models - These chambers (130 and 320 l) have a design that can dramatically improve the space crowded situation of many testing laboratories, as the specimen is fixed in its position and the chamber is connected alternatively to hot and cold compartments.

CST320 – 500 – 1000/2T

  • Inspection window (hot chamber)
  • 2 portholes
  • Basket delayed start system

CST130/2T “Spinner”

  • Inspection window (hot chamber)
  • 1 porthole
  • 1 shelf

CST130 – 320 S “Flapper”

  • Inspection window
  • Ethernet port
  • Emergency stop button

Download the catalogue to see the full standard configuration.

  • RS232 interface
  • 4 analog inputs
  • UPS for the PLC
  • WinKratos software for remote multi-chamber management
  • Only for the CST130/2T “spinner”: MyAngel24™, the Advanced Services Platform developed by ACS to satisfy and anticipate customer needs, such as automatic reporting, remote chamber control, remote update of MyKratos™ software and the main component status monitoring for preventive maintenance.

Download the catalogue to see the complete list of accessories.

The KeyKratos Plus management software is embedded in the machine in built-in and completely dedicated hardware, which allows the control and management of the chamber functions. The chamber can be accessed remotely to take advantage of the advanced functions (such as the visual creation of thermoclimatic profiles, recordings management and graph analysis) using the WinKratos software that can be installed on a company PC.

The MyKratos™ control system and user interface is available instead for the CST130/2T “Spinner”; it is a powerful Supervision and Management software operating on the 10 inch on board display and from mobile and desktop devices. The chamber wireless connection (WiFi) permits operation using Tablets and Smartphones (iOS and Android compatible). It is also possible to remotely access the operator interface via customer’s LAN connections.

Software drivers can be provided on request; they allow to manage the chamber directly from applications created by the customer.

 “Air-to-Air” Thermal Shock Test Chambers

CST130/2T "Spinner"
CST320 2T

CST130 S “Flapper”
CST320 S “Flapper”
CST500 2T
CST1000 2T
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