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Angelantoni Test Technologies attends Space Tech Expo USA - 2024


Space Tech Expo in Long Beach, California is the West Coast's premier B2B exhibition and conferences for the space industry

Attending this significant event will allow Angelantoni Test Technologies to showcase ACS test solutions in the aerospace industry, a field in which it is leader since 1988, the year the first Thermal Vacuum Chamber (TVC) was produced. Subsequently, Angelantoni Test Technologies has been a supplier to the principal global Research Centers and institutes for component, subsystem, and full satellite testing.

This year we’re featuring Qbe, a new Thermal Vacuum Chamber we’re excited to debut! With its compact design and advanced features Qbe offers versatile testing capabilities for cubesats and small satellites, a cost-effective solution ideal for meeting the needs of both advanced markets and emerging economies linked to the current trends of miniaturization, weight and volume reduction, and decreased launch costs. Discover Qbe.

Our team of experts will be ready to answer all your questions at stand #3043! Our staff will provide you also with ACS unmatched experience and we are confident that the extensive range of aerospace solutions developed in recent years will meet your testing needs.

Space Tech Expo 2024 is free-to-attend, click here to register.

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