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ACS Thermal Vacuum Chambers at Yaroslavl Radio Plant Testing Laboratory

Angelantoni Test Technologies has supplied YARZ plant with two Thermal Vacuum Chambers

Yaroslavl Radio Plant, leader in Russia's radio manufacturing sector and specialized in communication equipment, has recently installed  two ACS Thermal Vacuum Chambers (TVC) for testing spacecraft payload modules in their Laboratories.

Yaroslavl Radio Plant is a leader in Russia's radio manufacturing sector, specializing in the manufacturing of professional communications equipment as demonstrated by their latest technical developments such as: the multi-channel terminal for the Navy and the border service, communication vehicles for the Air Force and cosmodromes, emergency rescue radios of the AIS system, modernized aviation rescue radios, modernized airborne radio stations, various nodes and blocks that functionally expand the capabilities of modern communication systems.

The main achievement of recent years has been the commissioning of a modern technological chain of assembly production with the opening of a new workshop for assembling and testing payload modules for spacecraft, where 3.5 billion rubles were invested.

ACS has recently supplied to the YARZ plant two Thermal Vacuum Chambers (TVC) for the testing of satellite components, characterized by:

  • Useful volume (inside the shroud): 3000 e 10.600 l
  • two independent thermoregulations systems for the shroud and for the thermal plate
  • a large thermal plate to test DUT of big dimensions
  • min/max Temperature on the cold plate: -60°C/+125°C
  • high capability of power and high frequency connections
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