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ACS and the Search and Rescue of persons in distress in the Maritime and Aeronautical Field: the WamBlee case

ACS collaborates with Wamblee for environmental simulation in the marine sector

ACS is a partner of WamBlee to perform the tests required by the most stringent Maritime and Aeronautical standards with precision and repeatability.

ACS scores another success story in the product development and reliability process. This time in the nautical sector, with one of the most important Italian companies in the segment, appreciated all over the world. Thanks to ACS collaboration WamBlee has improved the performance of its environmental testing laboratory using a climatic chamber for vibration tests with a -70/+180° C temperature range and a 15°C/min gradient, allowing to perform tests that guarantee greater reliability and safety of the tested instrumentation.

Environmental simulation tests are performed not only on the finished product but also on components; recent is the case of intensive tests on Lithium cells and batteries to meet the aeronautical safety requirements (RTCA DO-227A).

WamBlee is the only Italian company specializing in the design and production of electronic devices for the Search and Rescue of persons in distress in the Maritime and Aeronautical Field, as well as other auxiliary equipment for maritime and air electronic navigation.

"For us - declares Daniele Banfi, Head of the company - quality and instrumental precision are fundamental for the development of our products, and it was natural to rely on Angelantoni Test Technologies. With the ACS chamber we have faced validation tests and certifications of components for Aeronautical and Maritime use, such as the validation tests of Lithium cells for aeronautical equipment. We are satisfied with ACS performance and after-sales service, an important added value for us.”

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