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ACS 4. Packaging Industry

The reliability of packaging and containers is crucial to ensure the safety and quality of marketed products.

Simulated environmental tests aim to ensure that marketed products meet specific requirements. The same applies to the containers in which products are placed for transport and storage.
Packaging, besides being the first point of contact between products and consumers, is responsible for ensuring the safety and quality of goods during transport, storage and use.
Proper packaging is essential to maintain product integrity and safety. For this reason, environmental testing is crucial for the industry, as it allows to verify packaging and containers ‘ reliability by subjecting them to extreme conditions and simulated environments, according to international standards. This can include tests of resistance to factors such as temperature, humidity, light, rain and vibration.

Packaging reliability: why it matters 

The objective of environmental testing is to ensure that packaging materials and containers perform as expected under different environmental conditions throughout the supply chain: their content must be protected from damage or deterioration.
Tests can also reduce packaging costs by identifying appropriate levels of protection and optimising the amount of wrapping materials used.
The use of climate chambers for environmental testing is crucial for many packaging industries. Some examples:

  • Food industry: packaging used for food must be able to guarantee food preservation and prevent contamination. To ensure that food remains fresh and safe for consumption, it is necessary to test the resistance of packaging to changes in temperature and humidity. For example, ISO standards for refrigerated containers require that they are able to maintain a certain temperature for a specific period of time, and that they are resistant to mechanical stress during transport.

  • Pharmaceutical industry: it must be verified that the used packaging protects drugs and medical devices from environmental variations and light in order to preserve their effectiveness.

  • Electronics industry: electronic devices must be protected against environmental variations, vibrations and shocks.

  • Transport industry: climate chamber tests can check the resistance of packaging to variations in temperature and humidity to ensure that goods remain protected during transport.

What tests are used to check the reliability of packaging and containers?

Environmental tests using ACS climatic chambers are an effective way to verify the reliability of packaging and containers, and to meet international standards and regulations. They are essential tools that allow a wide range of environmental conditions to be simulated, from extreme temperatures to changes in humidity and pressure, exposure to sunlight or rain to assess impermeability.

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