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Angelantoni Test Technologies nimmt an der Automation and Testing 2023 teil

ACS @ A&T Automation & Testing | 22 - 24 February 2023

A&T is Italy's leading trade fair dedicated to innovation, technology, reliability and skills 4.0. The ACS team is waiting for you at stand G43.

ACS technology and experience in the design and production of climatic and thermostatic chambers at A&T, the leading event in Italy dedicated to Innovation, Technologies, Reliability and Skills 4.0. We look forward to seeing you from 22 to 24 February at the Oval Lingotto in Turin, stand G43.

Meet us and we will identify the most suitable testing solution for your company's needs, from the wide range of standard and customised climatic and thermostatic chambers. At our stand no. G43 you will also find one of our products from the Discovery MY range, the most versatile line of climatic chambers available on the market: a DM340 for T and RH environmental testing.

A&T - Automation & Testing

An unmissable appointment for those in the industry: A&T is the event developed to help spread the culture of reliability, quality, safety and innovation. 

Founded in 2007 as a trade fair dedicated to Test and Measurement, it is particularly aimed at an industrial and scientific audience such as entrepreneurs, managers, technicians and researchers from the main industrial sectors.

The rich educational and updating programme, realised and validated by the exhibition's industrial scientific committee, includes round tables and conferences, workshops organised by exhibitors and specific events dedicated to specific supply chains, such as automotive, aerospace, mechanics and mechatronics and others. 

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  • ACS partecipa ad Automation and Testing 2023
  • Angelantoni Test Technologies alla fiera Automation and Testing 2023
  • Le camere per prove ambientali simulate ACS alla fiera Automation and Testing 2023
  • Le camere per prove ambientali simulate di Angelantoni Test Technologies ad Automation and Testing 2023
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