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Il nuovo gas refrigerante ecologico ACS R472B: we dit again!

The new ACS “green” refrigerant gas R472B: we did it again!

R23 is not a problem anymore! ACS has the solution: R472B, the new "green" refrigerant gas for your Ultra Low Temperature applications

Commenced in 2015, all F-gases with high global warming potential (GWP) will be phased-out in a staged manner, with the total ban of up to 80% of certain F-Gases by 2030. F-Gas refrigerants with a high GWP score will become more and more scarce.

There is an urgent need therefore for a climate-friendly alternative that meets the thermodynamic and safety requirements needed to replace traditional HFCs necessary when a test chamber is used for ULT applications. 

Just few months after R472A – the ACS refrigerant gas with 353 GWP, 98% lower than other gases used for these applications - our R&D Department did it again and created a new ecological mixture launched on the market as R472B.

This project is the result of 5 years work in collaboration with Universities, Research and Accreditation Centers.

R472B is ideal for the majority of environmental test Standards used by worldwide testing laboratories and has 526 GWP, that is about 96% lower than R23. Moreover, the mixture components are easily procurable so guaranteeing R472B availability on the market and a long lifetime.

R472B is not only the “green” solution allowing to perform tests saving the planet, but it gives customers a lot of other advantages!

Discover here R472B extraordinary features in terms of Safety, Stability and Performance and download the brochure.

We have selected Nippon Gases, one of the best gas producers in the world with a strong international presence, for the exclusive production of our ecological gases R472A and R472B for exclusive use on the ACS chambers.