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Get ready for the green change

Get ready for the green change!

As ACS, we are at the forefront of the green transition, from traditional fluorinated gases to CO2 (R744), having a GWP (Global Warming Potential) equal to 1.

Recent release of the newest EU regulation 2024/573 imposes to run refrigeration systems with refrigerants having GWP lower than 150 on “self contained*” equipment from January the 1st, 2025. The majority of the gases fulfilling this requirement are flammable, therefore we decided to develop solutions based only on CO2, the only option that meets the new regulation criteria as well as the current safety standards of the environmental simulation market.

According to our tradition of innovation, we developed new solutions in a unique approach, leveraging the experience in the refrigeration we have acquired since our foundation in 1932. The CO2 solutions running in our labs over the past two years are a guarantee for performances and reliability down to the minimum temperature of -50°C. Top performances on every aspect: minimum temperature pushed from -40 to -50°C, variation rate increased significantly and reduced consumption up to 50%, depending on the thermal cycle, are just a bunch of the advantages of the new solutions, soon available in the market.

For application requiring a minimum temperature of -70°C, according to Regulation (EU) 2024/573, we continue presenting the current solution with R449 and R472B, our fluorinated gas developed for keeping the GWP as minimum as possible in the application where a different solution meeting safety criteria is not available. R472B, with its GWP equal to 526, is the lowest GWP available option in the market for new equipment down to -70 °C as well as for R23 (GWP 14800) replacement in existing systems, to allow saving available allowances according to the requirements of the EU regulations.

Discover the new refrigerant gas R472B

*‘self-contained’ means a complete factory-made system which is in a suitable frame or casing, is fabricated and transported complete or in two or more sections, can contain isolation valves and in which no gas-containing parts are connected on site