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ACS attends the Farnborough International Air Show


Angelantoni Test Technologies will participate in the 76th Farnborough International Air Show, Farnborough - U.K.

FIA2024 is the most important and successful event in a constantly evolving aviation industry and this year it will focus on six key themes, each focusing on a key message for today's industry: Space, Defence, Sustainability, Innovation, Future Flights, Workforce.

Angelantoni Test Technologies will attend the event at the collective stand of Umbria Aerospace Cluster - Hall 1 - stand 1146/1145 - to illustrate the wide range of ACS solutions for the aeronautics and space sector.

Find out what we can do for you: we are renowned not only for our cutting-edge technological know-how, but also for our flexibility and customisation capabilities, which allow us to identify together with the customer the perfect solution for every environmental test requirement.

From 'giants' to small Thermal Vacuum Chamber for testing nanosatellites: ACS technology is unrivalled

Thanks to our constant quest for innovation and the versatility of our proposals, we have become a world leader in the strategic testing sector for the space industry and a supplier to space agencies, research centres and private space companies worldwide.

Since the first Thermal Vacuum Chamber in 1988, we have built a long line of Thermal Vacuum Chambers suitable for all testing needs: on satellites and components, on spacecraft electric thrusters, calibration of optical instruments for Earth observation, and much more.

The latest 'born' in line with the space industry's current trends in making technology smaller, lighter and thus cheaper to get into orbit, is our Qbe Thermal Vacuum Chamber, which offers a range of testing capabilities specifically for CubeSats and microsatellites. Featuring a compact design, flexible test performance and advanced functionality, Qbe is an ideal solution, able to satisfy the diverse needs of start-ups, research organisations, and the space industry in all markets, facilitating their space exploration goals.

Learn more about the wide range of standard and customised test solutions for the space industry.

All the details to organise your visit to the event are at this link.

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