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ACS e le misure di sicurezza durante l'emergenza da Coronavirus

Coronavirus - United we will come out of it

Never as in this moment Italy is suffering, but united we will come out of it, as wished by our President Gianluigi Angelantoni.

In this period of emergency caused by the Coronavirus, in compliance with all the emergency measures and provisions of Ministerial Guidelines and the signed Protocols, our operativity is guaranteed and will not be interrupted.

Our ongoing activities will continue to be carried out with due care to protect the safety of our employees, supporting at the same time our customers to overcome this difficult period together.

United we will come out of it, as wished by our President in the message below.

“We Italian entrepreneurs, have been able to create value and bring innovation in sectors such as energy, environment, combustion engine or electric mobility, aerospace, mechanics, electronics, circular economy and health. We have created jobs and development opportunities in the territories where our companies operate and thrive, where we produce some of the best food products in the world.

Never as in this moment Italy is suffering, but we have been able to rise again from the rubble many times, even from much more devastating events and to give life to the great economic boom of the last post-war period.

We are victims of an unprecedented health crisis and what will save us will be our will, our pride in being Italian, our ability to invent, create, produce beautiful and functional things, thus maintaining the style and the beauty that distinguish us in the world. The beauty we find in the landscapes, monuments, art and culture surrounding us.

United we will come out of it, stronger, more aware, more responsible. A more cohesive people with an even brighter future can emerge from this crisis, capable of writing a new Renaissance.”

Gianluigi Angelantoni