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Chassis-dyno tests on an environment controlled by ACS chamber to qualify Pedelecs at Bosch

A walk-in thermal chamber from Angelantoni Test Technologies and a roller bench for Bosch e-bikes testing

Bosch eBike Systems tests its Ebikes and Pedelecs through a roller dynamometer combined with an ACS thermostatic chamber.

To meet the different qualification requirements of the various Pedelecs - from city bikes to mountain bikes to trekking bikes - Bosch eBike Systems has integrated a walk-in thermal chamber from Angelantoni Test Technologies and a roller bench stand in its new laboratory.

The characterization of components, such as engine, battery and control display, is the main aim of the chassis dynamometer tests.

Different driving modes are simulated at various temperatures in the range -10°C/+ 50°C. In addition to being used to monitor the reliability of all components, these tests are also essential for developing new products, increasing their electrical and mechanical performance.

As in the automotive sector, also in the field of E-mobility, norms are the basis of the International Quality Standards that constantly update Control Procedures. All this applies to pedelecs, which can be verified through Quality and Safety tests using the ACS temperature chamber.

The Bosch eBike Systems product range makes an important contribution to the sustainable mobility of the future - continuously developing through innovative components, guidance and assistance systems to advance to new dimensions - and Angelantoni Test Technologies is proud to help keeping their high level of quality with its most advanced and flexible test solutions.

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