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ACS and the historic ABB: a long, successful collaboration

ACS and ABB for technologically advanced, accurate and reliable measurements

Technologically advanced, accurate and reliable measurements, certified according to International Standards.

Since 2008, ACS has been supplying its simulated environmental test chambers to both national and international companies in the ABB group, a cutting-edge technology leader operating in the robotics, automation and energy industries.

ABB’s Process Automation Business Area includes the Measurement & Analytics division, operating at various locations in Italy, including the Ossuccio site in the municipality of Tremezzina on Lake Como, which was expanded and renovated in 2015. Specializing in the development and production of pressure transmitters for industrial applications, this plant was recently equipped with a series of standard chambers from the innovative Discovery My series.

The ABB pressure transmitter (266 family) production process involves a series of tests and temperature measurements to validate its performance in the -40°C to 85°C range provided for by the specifications. The pressure transducers are placed inside our chambers and connected to an external control system that runs a customized temperature/pressure cycle lasting approximately 36 hours, during which a series of measurements are made that will be used for the characterization and validation of the transducers.

“Temperature stability and temperature uniformity inside the chamber are very important, since all the transducers must be brought to the same temperature, possibly at the same time,” says our customer, who has been relying on the quality of ACS products for years.

ACS is proud of its long-standing collaboration with this Italian center of excellence, which today is one of the most innovative and technological companies in the ABB Group and that every year exports thousands of pressure transmitters and transducers from here all over the world.

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