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Refrigerant gases

ACS is proud to introduce R472A and R472B: two refrigerant gas for ULT (Ultra Low Temperatures) applications with the lowest GWP available in the market.

We have always carried out research activities aiming at sustainable and eco-compatible projects, in order to remain faithful to our values and to the mission of the Angelantoni Group, supporting "the technological progress of its customers with expertise, passion, and sustainable solutions”.

  • R472A, with its GWP of 353, 98% lower than R23 - is ideal for high performance variation rates Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) applications, especially down to -60°C, typical of many customized chamber solutions.
  • R472B, with a GWP of 526, has been developed for the most common needs of Test Laboratories. R472B can achieve even better performances than R23 in the temperature range most used for laboratory environmental tests: it reaches a better cooling rate down to -45°C (beeing normally lower than R23 below -45°C). (*)

(*) In the Discovery My chambers, the new gas even makes it possible to obtain a 20% better cooling down rate compared to R23.


Thanks to their miscibility, R472A and R472B - unlike the other available alternatives to R23– are the only gases that make it possible to use the gas bottle even partially, always ensuring the homogeneity of the mixture both inside the refrigerating plant and in the gas quantity remained in the bottle, being reusable in the future. This is a great advantage for the customer, since he can manage the gas bottles in an extremely easy and safe way, as it is normally the case for other gases commonly used in refrigeration, such as R449A or R452A.

Both gases are non-flammable and non-toxic: they have obtained the A1 Safety Class by ASHRAE - the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers.

They are also easily replaceable in refrigeration systems currently using R23, having a GWP of 14800! These systems are 99% compatible with R472A and R472B; machines that are not perfectly compatible can be adapted simply and without structural interventions.

The new gas also ensures a long expectation of use as the components of the mixture are easily available, guaranteeing continuous availability on the market.

Worldwide availabilty is guaranteed by the partner selected by ACS, Nippon Gases - one of the best gas producers in the world with a strong international presence - for the exclusive production of its ecological gases R472A and R472B for exclusive use on the ACS chambers.

ACS offers its services as a reliable and competitive partner in the recovery of refrigerant gases and fluids, as well as in the decontamination of refrigeration systems and recharging with eco-friendly gases, in full respect for the environment and in compliance with European Union directives and national laws.

This need arises from the fact that, in compliance with current legislation on waste disposal (Law 28/12/1993 No. 549, subsequently amended by Law 179/97), it is mandatory for all possessors to deliver harmful substances (including CFCs such as R22, R12, R13, R502) to authorized collection centers at the end of their service life.

ACS intends to make it easier for customers to fulfill legal obligations and to give better opportunities to those companies that seek to obtain ISO 14001 certification.

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