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Angelantoni Test Technologies among the 100 Italian stories of excellence in the e-mobility sector

An acknowledgment of ACS contribution to the important role of the companies working in the field of Electrification, especially for the development of more efficient Energy Storages in terms of environmental impact and safety.

We are pleased to be among the 100 stories of companies, research centers and associations that Symbola and Enel have selected as representatives of the Italian excellence in the e-mobility sector.

The experience of these 100 Italian excellences, this year in collaboration with FCA, was told in the third edition of '100 Italian E-Mobility Stories 2020', available on the Symbola website at this link (in Italian).

Our growing presence in the battery testing sector both in Italy and abroad, together with partnerships with technological international players, have allowed us to achieve this goal.

We are confident of increasing the reputation of the ACS brand and our shares within this market in the near future, considering the enormous interest in the e-mobility and the centrality of issues related to the environmental sustainability.