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ACS attends Automotive Testing Expo 2022

Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2022, Stuttgart, 21-23/06/2022

Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2022, the world’s leading international expo for every aspect of automotive testing, development and validation technologies.

We are attending this important event to illustrate our extremely wide range of standard and custom-designed environmental test chambers - ACS branded - which includes Battery Test chambers, Calorimeters to test the efficiency of air conditioning units, Climatic Dyno Chambers, 4 Poster Test Chambers, Climatic Wind Tunnels.

ACS offers indeed a complete line of test equipment for the automotive industry, featuring advanced technical solutions to test and simulate all relevant climate and road conditions, both for R&D applications and Production & Quality Control of components and complete vehicles.

For over 50 years the ACS brand has been synonymous of flexibility and ability to customize: we design and manufacture the perfect solution for any automotive environmental testing needs.

You will find our our team at the booth #1176 of our German subsidiary ATT Umweltsimulation GmbH.

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