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corso base per tecnici di prove ambientali simulate
Basic Course for Environmental Test Technicians

The Basic Course provides the theoretical basis of environmental simulation and an overview of the most common tests, as well as an introduction to management and control systems (in Italian).

Angelantoni Test Technologies has been organizing Training Courses on Simulated Environmental Testing for Specialist Technicians since April 2004.

The Basic Course and Advanced Course take place respectively in November and March at the Villa San Faustino plant in Massa Martana (PG), Italy.

The courses are only in Italian.

The Basic Course, in addition to expanding the understanding of the theoretical bases of environmental simulation for the efficient use of Environmental Test Chambers, allows an in-depth study of some specific types of tests, i.e.: corrosion tests, and of management and control systems. A session on Innovation has recently been introduced, allowing us to collect customer needs and create products that increasingly meet their requirements.

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