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ACS complex Thermal Vacuum Chambers in the Labs of Yaroslavl Radioworks Corporation



ACS has recently supplied to Yaroslavl Radioworks Corporation (YARZ plant), leading Russian manufacturer of professional radio communication, two Thermal Vacuum Chambers (TVC) for the testing of satellite components, characterized by:

    • two independent thermoregulations systems for the shroud and for the thermal plate
    • a large thermal plate to test DUT of big dimensions
    • thermal cycles from -50°C to +70°C
    • high capability of power and high frequency connections


3.5 billion rubles were invested in this project regarding space vehicle modules’ assembling and testing.

As the regional governor noted, this type of production is unique for Russia.

In the video below, published by YARZ in their website, you can see our TVC installed at the YARZ plant laboratory.


For further info about our Thermal Vacuum Chambers:


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