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Angelantoni Test Technologies at the inauguration of the Spider experiment


SPIDER experiment will be inaugurated on June the 11th 2018 at the premises of Consorzio RFX (Padua). SPIDER will be the world’s most powerful ion beam source. It will enable scientists from all over the world to develop the powerful heating systems required for ITER and ultimately make fusion energy a reality.


It is an honour for Italy to be the host of such a prestigious facility, which is the fruit of a unique international collaboration. Italy and Consorzio RFX have provided the facility, the industrial base, and most of the personnel. Fusion for Energy has financed most of the components drawing on the expertise of European research organisations and industry.


Angelantoni Test Technologies, in collaboration with Fusion for Energy, ITER and the Consorzio RFX, has supplied, installed and tested the GAS STORAGE and DISTRIBUTION, VACUUM AND GAS INJECTION SYSTEMS for SPIDER Experiment.. 


Details and images of the event available at the link below.


To download a brochure dedicated to SPIDER experiment, click the Download button .